adidas Triple Black Collection

Global Campaign Film

When adidas approached us to create the new campaign film for their triple black collection, we went all in. Working in close collaboration with studio A, we used the solar eclipse as our main catalyst, envisioning a film that is driven by the concept of Dark Mode Enabled.

Nowadays most devices and interfaces have the option to switch to dark mode. We took this feature to show objects and sceneries in an all black treatment, switching our world from white to black. Just like the adidas products we wanted to give each scene a rich textural feeling. Using natural textures in contrast to soft and shiny man-made materials.

The result is a collection of imagery that takes you on a sensory and slightly outer worldly journey. The film will be used globally throughout all adidas touch-points: online, in-store, print and social channels.

To create a truly unique film, we made the decision to build all of the shots in CGI, avoiding the use of stock material, ensuring full creative control and freedom.

Process & Development

We teamed-up with some great talent from the industry. Director and digital artist Menno Fokma, 3D artist Airton Groba, the team from QuiteFranckly in South Africa, and the soundtrack was produced by our in-house music and sound design studio THNDR.

It was an amazing creative journey working together with such a creative client and talented team.

We created custom graphics
to spice up the Triple Black universe.
Referring to classic vinyl designs
and 90's user interfaces.


Client: adidas, Studio A
Client Creative Producer: Cory Chonko
Client Snr Manager Creative Production: Martin Granger
Client Creative Director: Ivan Domingo
Client Senior Art Director: Kim Hoffenberg

Directed and produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam

Executive Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Executive Producer: Nina Fabel
Creative Director: Menno Fokma
Storyboard: Marvin Koppejan
Edit: Menno Fokma
Animation & Compositing: Menno Fokma, Airton Groba,
Marvin Koppejan, Ernst Noort, Grant Campbell, Aviv Tal
Simulations: Rudolf Jansen van Vuuren, Aviv Tal
Simulations Production: Jessica Craig (Quite Franckly), Grant Franck (CD, Quite Franckly)
Graphic Design: Roberto Andreu

Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser (THNDR)

All work