Introducing VanMoof+

In 2018 Amsterdam bike brand VanMoof launched a new direction for their business, by introducing VanMoof+. A monthly subscription plan allowing anyone to ride a high tech bike for a low tech price.

VanMoof trusted us taking their first ever step into the animation world. We took on the challenge to take their brand design to the next level and set it into motion. Next to this we worked closely together to create a visually interesting and understandable story to help sell their new subscription plan. We extended their visual language, staying true to their minimalist brand identity.

The film was awarded a Lovie award in 2018, in the category Online Advertising, Best Use of Animation & Motion Graphics and the Creative Award at Le Book Berlin 2018 in the category Post Production CGI.

The future just rolled up. Jump on!

The VanMoof+ subscription plan was introduced with two films. The Company film was first in line, introducing this next step for the business to VanMoof's loyal followers.The Campaign film followed and was directed at the target audience wanting to find out more about the service.

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