Festival titles

A unique collaboration between Dutch creative studios and artists was setup to create the main titles for Playgrounds festival 2015. Each contributor was asked to direct a piece around the theme "imagine whatever" and featuring the three names of the artists or studios presenting.

The sound design (by Roger Lima, White Noise Lab) was performed live during the screening in Breda and Amsterdam.

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Process & development

With the festival theme being ‘imagine whatever, we started thinking of what the festival is actually about: speakers stepping up on stage and offering the visitor an inside view into their persona and work.

So what if you take that literally? With that concept in the back of our minds, we decided to create a museum with rare and unique creatures on display that are sliced up and deconstructed to offer the viewer a unique view inside. Revealing their inner workings and secrets.

Sketches & Designs

After we did our research we start with the look development. Making a variety of creature designs and developing the look of the film.

All work