One - Apollo 11

A tribute to the Apollo 11 mission

In our free time we have worked on a short fully animated film celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. In our opinion one of mankind’s biggest achievements.

It shows the ability of dreaming big, unification and teamwork. This mission shows that humanity, together, can achieve the impossible.

As 600 million people around the globe watched this milestone, for the first time all the people on this Earth were truly one.

So this film is a tribute to this achievement and a creative exercise to make a contemporary animation, showcasing the highlights of the Apollo 11 mission.

Process and development

The goal was to produce all the shots from scratch. Without use of original footage. We actually went to the moon to shoot original footage. You think this is CGI? think again.... okey it is. So original all the shots were produced on a laptop after work hours.
After extensive research and watching almost all documentaries about the Apollo mission it was time to recreate the most iconic moments. Using Cinema4D and After effects. From creating the launch site and hallway to many fire simulations in Turbulent4D.

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Music & Sound Design

The music is all about dynamism. On the one hand it uses silence to capture the vacuum of space whilst on the other hand using red glowing audio meters to showcase the power of the Apollo rocket. With a touch of the eighties Arpeggiators that we really like, and the sensation of live drums that we recorded ourselves in an empty warehouse, the sonic journey came to life. It radiates power and echoes the sound of bravery.

Directed by: Marvin Koppejan
Produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam
Music & Sound Design: Max Gramser
Animation, Edit & Composite: Marvin Koppejan
Additional 3D shots: Tim van der Wiel, Ernst Noort
Producer: Nina Fabel

Thanks to: Jonas Koppejan, Nina Fabel, Moa Nordin, David Gieling,
Pedro Botsaris, Simon van de Rijdt, Marthe Duits & Marina Kagan.

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