NPO3 Channel Branding

Increasing visibility across platforms

In 2016 Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO chose us once again for the rebrand of their NPO3 channel. From the start of the project we were involved in strategic sessions with the NPO and Total Design.

We created a clean, functional and no fuss identity, that puts the emphasis on content and helps NPO3 to stand out in the Dutch media landscape.

In this landscape the NPO is publicly funded, with taxpayers' money. Keeping this in mind, our strategy was to make the channel 'belong' more to the viewers themselves.


Our goal was to develop a future-proof strategy & identity, focussing on cross-platform visibility and navigation, that connects and interacts with the target audience.

As the NPO3 programming is provided by various public broadcasters, we created a tool to visually claim the content across platforms to increase visibility —and thus strengthen the NPO3 brand. The literal green NPO3 frame helps the viewer to easily identify —and navigate to their favorite content on all devices.

Colour & Typography

We refreshed the NPO3 primary brand colour, and added blue and magenta for easy navigation.

Clean and no fuss typography based around the Simplon typeface was introduced, making use of big and bold titles for increased readability on smaller screens, as well as bold brand shoutouts.

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User Generated Content

We delivered a toolkit for quotes, to be created by the viewer and curated by NPO3, and used as short bumpers and on social media. Next to that we introduced a set of idents by a selected group of NPO3 brand ambassadors and influencers, showing moments of everyday life in various NPO3 themes.

Across the channel and social media we created live-action backgrounds for bumpers, menu's and brand shoutouts. All inspired on Emojis and Internet culture.


Our role:
Strategy, Identity & Design
Motion Design, Live Action

Client: NPO3 / Total Design
Music: Massive Music

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