Jelly Bean Factory

Mind-boggling CGI taste adventure

The Jelly Bean Factory and their agency Fitzroy approached us to create a full on CGI animated product film.

We had a lot of fun creating this poppy and energetic animation that takes the viewer on a mind-boggling adventure, just like eating one of these colorful little fellows does!

The animation focusses on product qualities, USPs and the immensely diverse range of flavors. Establishing the brand as the Next Generation Candy Creators!

The music and sound design was created by our in house sound studio THNDR.


Created and Directed: Woodwork Amsterdam
Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Producer: Nina Fabel
Illustration: Saverio Wielkens
Motion Designers: Ernst Noort, David Gieling
3D Artist: Ernst Noort, Johannes Matsson
Music & Sound Design: THNDR

Client: Jelly Bean Factory, Cloetta
Agency: Fitzroy

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