Formula 1

Yas Marina 2022 - Go Unreal

At the beginning of 2022 Woodwork got a request from Yas Marina Circuit to create the key visual & leading animation for the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Yas Island. The last circuit of the year tends to be the climax of excitement when it comes to Formula 1. The client has a history of outstanding visuals, complimenting both the destination and the event. In the sea of compelling ideas, we promised to deliver something different.

We chose to go with the more serene dream-like landscapes, opposite to the expected masculine approach, which has been used throughout previous years. In order to translate the magnificent journey of the whole 4-day experience of the Yas Island & the Grand Prix, we developed a creative angle that leads the viewer to a portal into the unreal world.

The enhanced reality full of adrenaline and speed is waiting for you on the other side. The request was to develop an inviting metaverse key visual that could later serve as the basis of an NFT collection.

the sponsor versions of the key visual

We created an out-of-worldly aesthetic experience composed of glossy pathways and vibrant colors.

Key Visual Film - screenshots

OOH Billboard mockups

Some additional social content to push the campaign.
Having fun with extreme camera angles.

Process & Development

We had a lot of creative freedom with this project. So we went in from all angles. Trying out all sorts of styles. From more expected to over the top Meta-Verse. We tried clean, colorful, bombastic you name it. To tease our clients and see what they thought would fit this year's craziness best. In the following section, you can find a selection of what could easily be 80 different explorations.


Directed and Produced by Woodwork Amsterdam

Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management - Yas Marina Circuit
Project: F1 Campaign visuals 2022
Client Creative Director: Nikki Oberholzer
Client Marketing & Communications Director: Michael Golding

Directed & Produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam

Executive Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Executive Producer: Nina Fabel
Creative Producer: Sonja Backovic
Art Director: Menno Fokma
Design: Menno Fokma, Marvin Koppejan, Roberto Andreu, Ernst Noort
3D Motion Design: Menno Fokma, Ernst Noort, Tim van der Wiel, Aviv Tal
Compositing: Menno Fokma, Ernst Noort, Marvin Koppejan
3D Intern: Pascal Amestegui Fuentes

Music & Sound Design: THNDR
Composer: Max Gramser, Han Kerkhof

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