FIlm by the sea

Mystic opening animation for the 17th edition

When we think of Zeeland, lots of thoughts come to mind; the deep blue ocean and the coastal plain with wide beaches backed by dunes, a lantern that was used by sailormen at sea, and a rustic lighthouse. These elements represent to us one of our most Southern provinces.

We were asked by Film by the Sea (FBTS) to create an opening animation for their yearly film festival. Inspired by the romantic sceneries of the province we wanted the animation to visualize this rustic, classic and elegant atmosphere combined with the cultural elements of the festival. We came up with the story how people are connected by the magic lantern and transcend the mystical feeling of the festival and its location.

The result is an opening animation that breathes a classic sentiment while extending an invitation to the 17th edition of Film by the Sea.

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