Manifesto - Choice Paradox

Crobox helps retailers discover the why behind the buy of their customers. Offering data driven insights to help understand their customers on a deeper level. Helping customers discover the products they love. Guaranteeing seamless product discovery with AI-driven product finders, messaging, recommendations, and intelligence.​​​​​​​

Woodwork was asked to help Crobox tell their story in a more fun and relatable way. Starting with the script, we wanted to find a tone of voice that is accessible and easy to understand. Although the product itself is strongly rooted in tech, the end goal of their tool is to have consumers experience a more human and enjoyable journey while looking for a product. That is the emotion we wanted to focus on and bring across.

The elegant and colourful identity of Crobox lends itself well for more fun explorations. We expanded the visual language with 3D elements and an additional shape library to make things more poppy and playful. Shifting between 2D, Cel animation and 3D allowed us to strengthen the visual story.


Once we finalised the script we translated this into a visually appealing storyboard and we designed the frames for all of the scenes. The timings and flow were locked in the animatic phase and after that we got to animating all of the individual scenes. Polishing and finessing the film into the fun and colourful end result.


Crobox: Janelle de Weerd (COO)
Rodger Buijvoets (CEO)
Nikole Wintermeier (Content Marketer)

Directed and produced by: Woodwork Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Executive Producer: Nina Fabel
Creative Producer: Colinda Bijsterveld
Copywriter: Ralph Edelstein
Storyboard: Hidde Maas, Marvin Koppejan
Design & Illustration: Roberto Andreu
Art Direction: Roberto Andreu

Animation Leads: Hidde Maas, Ernst Noort
2D Animation: Stelios Nikolaou, Miguel Mena Solis, Rob Wienk
Cel Animation: Hidde Maas
3D Animation: Pascal Amestegui Fuentes
Compositing: Ernst Noort, Roberto Andreu
Music & Sound Design: THNDR (Max Gramser, Han Kerkhof)
Voice Over Artist: Anna-Eva Hoekstra

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