Product experience for Climaheat

Together with the Adidas creative team we produced a commercial as part of the online global campaign to introduce their Climaheat jacket and sweater. The film features Climaheat as the best in class winter performance product and was set to appear all over the world from England to Russia, China and Korea. A great opportunity to combine live action, VFX and motion graphics. 

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process & development

We wanted to find a balance between explaining the actual technological benefit of the products but at the same time tell an inspirational story. 

By means of 3d tech renders we travel through the fabric of the actual Climaheat materials and explain its functions. In the second section of the film we demonstrate the use of the product by telling the inspirational story of two athletes training during the depths of winter. The female runner is featured in an urban setting, running along old brick walls that are lit from above. The male hiker is set in snowy mountain surroundings with a short line of sight. The shooting location was the former Bruynzeel factory, where we created a city and simulated an actual snowstorm.

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