Pause Fest

We felt honored and excited to receive an invitation from Pause Fest 2014, a creative digital festival held over 10,000 miles away from Amsterdam, in Melbourne Australia. The task: to create a short ident on the theme “connected.” Rather than focusing on human connectivity and how we relate to each other, we chose to look at how our connectedness affects other creatures. Specifically, the ever-important honey bee.

Our short animation highlights a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder, in which worker bees become disoriented and cannot find their way back. This causes entire bee colonies to collapse. One of its possible causes is that radiation coming from our mobile phones has disrupted the bee’s ability to maintain their bearings and return to the hive.

It made us pause and think – we thought it was a fitting subject for Pause Fest. As we become more and more connected with each other, are we losing our connections with our environment, and other creatures? In the case of the honey bee, we depend on them for flowers, herbs and crops. How will their loss of connectivity affect our own species?

We’d like to send a big thank you to George and Caspian at Pause Fest for this opportunity, and to Studio Takt for bringing our visual language to life through its sound design.

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