Daimler, an automotive corporation and parent company to Mercedes-Benz has valued its tradition of making quality vehicles worldwide since the 19th century.
This key principle flows through each division of the Daimler Group with Daimler Fleet Management (DFM) being one of them. DFM offers their clients alternative leasing and financial solutions for contracts and arrangements. They specialize in providing their clients with personal custom-made solutions.
DFM was in need of a video that would visualize this key concept of their workflow. In collaboration with creative agency Khanna Reidinga, we set out to visually explain.

In this video we combined 2D and 3D animation, starting out with 2D and using infographics for dynamics. We used 3D to create the vehicles that travel through the screen, giving the video more dimension. We wanted to create an infomercial that would tell of Daimler its constant innovation through time, which ensures their ability to keep on writing history.

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